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From the creator and designer of the 2015 & 2016 Dark Acres Maze
Featured in magazines across the state, websites across the country and visited from around the world!

Tickets are now on sale!

Opening Weekend, October 5th and 6th, will be family nights designed for those under 9 years old and tickets will only be $10.00/person.

We will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday after opening weekend!  Advance purchase tickets are on sale through August 31st and will go up to $15 September 1st!  Fast Pass tickets to avoid the wait and group pricing are also available!
We will be open on select weekdays and weekends during the day that will be announced at a later date!  You may exchange your tickets for another night, should the one you originally purchase not work out for you!

Over 72,000 Square Feet
A Walk Through the Haunted Museum
The 6&50 Revisiting of the Miner
The Paranormal Magician
Mesmerizing Laser Silhouettes
The Asylum
Demonic Spiders
The Chamber
The Real Clowns of Grand Junction
Over 50 actors
Over 25 scenes
Over 8,000 visitors expected 
Are you ready for your Nightmare?

Buffalo Wild Wings Grand Junction is giving away an order of free snack size wings to the first 100 people who purchase tickets on Family Night and for the Prime Time Night of Friday the 19th!

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This attraction employs effects such as: simulated smoke, flashing lights, lasers, amplified noise, simulated danger, mind games, simulated fright and a host of other effects that some people may find uncomfortable.  It is recommended that no one under the age of 10 attend this event and that parents use full discretion.


DO NOT ENTER THE HAUNTED HOUSE IF YOU SUFFER FROM, ASTHMA, HEART CONDITIONS, SEIZURES, OR ANY TYPE OF MENTAL, PHYSICAL, RESPIRATORY, OR MEDICAL PROBLEMS., The Nightmare at Old 6&50, William Lampshire Corporation, Lampshire Entertainment, Washington Prime, Mesa Mall and any affiliated companies reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Furthermore by purchasing a ticket to this event and entering, you agree to hold the above mentioned companies harmless from any and all adverse effects and or harm that entering this attraction may cause!


Drinking, smoking, touching actors, damaging props, and other highly unruly behavior is not permitted and will result in immediate removal.


Refunds shall only be issued in the event that an "Act of God" prevents us from opening on a specific night!  Thank you and enjoy!

1.  General Admissions Tickets are only valid for one visit.  Tickets may be exchanged and/or upgraded for another date.  Season pass tickets are good for 10 different entries.

2.  Harassing, verbally abusing, touching, and/or negatively affecting an actors ability to do their job in a safe environment will result in immediate removal and all ticket privileges will be revoked.  Likewise, destroying props, scenes or any other form of highly unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

3.  By entering this attraction to agree to hold us harmless from any and all claims they may arise while in attendance or this event!

4.  Drinking and smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited.

5.  Please keep a good pace when going through the house as not to to rush the people in front of you, and not slow down those behind you!

6.  The excessive use of profane language is not permitted.


7.  We want to limit group sizes of 5 or less when entering the house!

C 2018:  The Nightmare at Old 6&50 - Lampshire Entertainment